15 July 2016

At Ascot, we believe it’s vitally important to support the local Pakenham community, which is why we are proud to announce our sponsorship programs with two local schools.

Pakenham Hills Primary School and St Patrick’s Primary School will soon commence a variety of activities and projects to foster students’ learning and creativity through various Ascot initiatives.

Funds donated to Pakenham Hills Primary School will enable the students to make use of an exciting film studio, where the children can create imaginative videos and movies using a green screen. The students will soon be able develop and showcase films for a range of subjects.

The Year 6 students at St Patrick’s Primary School are very keen gardeners and currently utilise the school’s existing vegetable patches for gardening and cooking activities within the curriculum. Ascot’s sponsorship will provide the school with a range of seedlings and gardening equipment to allow the children to improve and expand existing vegetable gardens.

We are looking forward to seeing these programs and activities unfold across the schools and can’t wait to see the exciting projects each school produces.

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