Ascot is master-planned residential neighbourhood.

What this means for residents of Ascot is that the urban design and planning process for Ascot has started with a vision for creating a highly livable and walkable neighbourhood that provides ready connections to onsite and surrounding local amenities and is carried out in a way that is sympathetic to the environment, the history of the site and the unique natural assets that will be retained within.

The influences of master-planning on Ascot are demonstrated by way of the following examples:

  • Building guidelines to support a high quality Ascot neighbourhood
  • The preservation of mature native trees within Ascot Park, our large central parkland space
  • The regeneration of the Pakenham Creek to become a beautiful passive open space
  • Creation of a wetlands precinct
  • Inclusion of shared walking trails and bike paths connecting Ascot to the Pakenham Town Centre
  • Preserving racecourse artifacts as pointers of historic interest
  • The convenience of a local shopping and a retail precinct

These and other initiatives making Ascot a highly desirable community that will be well placed to meet the needs of residents now and into the future.