26 September 2016

Spring is finally here which means now is the perfect time to declutter, pack away the winter woollies and brighten your home in preparation for the warmer months.

To give you a head start, we have put together our top tips to get your home ready for visitors and sunny days.

  1. Change your bed linen

Get rid of the heavy blankets and dark coloured linen in place of crisp white linens with floral or soft pastel cushions. The lighter colours will brighten not only your home but also your mood, with the new colour palette as good as a new coat of paint to make your house look brand new.

  1. Bring the outside in

Bring a little bit of the outside in by decorating your house with fresh flowers from the market or garden. Place them in a bright vase on your table, cupboard or windowsill and enjoy the sweet smells of spring as they move throughout the house and bring your home to life.

  1. Start a veggie garden

Spring is the perfect time to start your very own veggie garden. Pick out your favourite veggies and herbs and plant them in a small section of the backyard or even in small pots which can be placed in the kitchen. When it comes to hosting a dinner party for your friends this summer you will have some delicious herbs and vegetables to put the final touches on your favourite dishes.

  1. Get rid of unnecessary items

Take this time to declutter your home and get rid of any items that you have not used in 12 months. This means old magazines, old coffee cups and clothes that you haven’t touched for a while. Your home will be left feeling cleaner and it is the perfect opportunity to sell your items on eBay or even donate them to charity.

Do you have any spring cleaning tips of your own? Share yours with other residents of Ascot via our Facebook page.

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